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Real-Time Telemetry?

Use that data
Software for oil and gas companies
You spend$$ millionsfor data
You deserve aReturn onthatInvestment
Kaperi Energy helps with
    Actionable Insights
    Data-driven decisions
    Putting that data to work
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3D Visualation of wellbores and formations

New Perspectives

Utilize existing data to build your assets into workflows enabling your team to collaborate successfully.

    Presentations & Meetings
  • Communicate clearly
  • Attain unique insights
  • Visualize complex situations
    • Illustrate
  • Formation Variations
  • Ellipse of Uncertainty
  • Fracking Configurations
    • Integrate
  • Stick Diagrams
  • Geosteering
  • Instrumentation
  • Depth vs Days

    3D Visualation of wellbores and formations

    Business Processes Outgrow Excel

      Establish yourKey Performance IndicatorsKPIs

      Rig Performance, Financial Updates, Stewardships

      Share with:

      Management, Contractors, Colleagues

  • Save on repetitive processes
  • Link data sources
  • Standardize reporting
  • Mobile + Deskptop
  • How It Works

    • Schedule Call

      One click to schedule

    • Budget

      Preliminary estimate provided on call. Kaperi Energy writes proposal

    • Proposal Review

      Review and refine proposal. Finalize cost and schedule

    • Approve

      Approve the proposal and start the project

    • Deploy

      Immediate impact on operations, production and cost reduction

    • Find a Team

      Google, LinkedIn, internal, references, etc

    • Setup a Meeting

      Correct decision makers, technical evaluations, industry knowledge

    • Explain your Business

      Oil and Gas terminology, goals, benefits and risks

    • Generate Requirements

      You develop the scope and requirements

    • Receive Proposal

      Review with team, clarify and refine details

    • Wonder

      If you made the right choice

    Why Kaperi Energy?

    Successful projects

    Successful Projects

    A history of successful projects, each a testament to our dedication and expertise


    Industry Experience

    • Oilfield hands building software
    • Drilling, Completions, Production, Geology, Geotech, Digital Twins, Mining
    The right people for the job

    Right People

    People are the greatest asset

    With the right experience, skillsets and motivation, Kaperi Energy is the team to help you achieve your software solutions.